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Patrick Meehan’s Response to The Times’s Article on His Settlement for Misconduct


The New York Times received the following statement on Saturday from the office of Representative Patrick Meehan, Republican of Pennsylvania, in response to reporting that Mr. Meehan had used taxpayer funds to settle a case of sexual misconduct with a female staffer in his office.

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Congressman Meehan denies these allegations. Throughout his career he has always treated his colleagues, male and female, with the utmost respect and professionalism.

In this case, the employee, represented by counsel, made certain assertions of inappropriate behavior which were investigated. With respect to resolving any allegation made against the office, Congressman Meehan would only act with advice of House Counsel and consistent with House Ethics Committee guidance. Every step of the process was handled ethically and appropriately. At Congressman Meehan’s request, the congressional attorneys handling the case have asked the complainant’s counsel to release all parties from the confidentiality requirements of the agreement to ensure a full and open airing of all the facts. The Congressman is hopeful that they will agree to this request for full transparency.

Rep. Meehan believes there must be real reform to the process for resolving complaints so that those who are truly wronged are given a fair forum to be heard and vindicated, and those accused are provided with an ability to respond to baseless accusations. The public to whom elected officials are answerable must be provided with a true sense of the facts and circumstances involved.

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