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Not Your Everyday Pantry Staples


Blackbarn — the sprawling home goods store, cafe and bar in Chelsea Market, which is affiliated with Black Barn restaurant in NoMad — has a new line of packaged foods. They are created by its chef, John Doherty, who founded the company with Mark Zeff, an interior designer. Kristen Zeff, Mr. Zeff’s wife, is also a partner. Highlights include preserves, notably a honeylike craft beer version ($14.95); white chocolate-and-matcha hot chocolate mix ($17); intense black-truffle paste ($55); truffle-and-Parmesan sauce ($13.90); and 72 percent dark chocolate bars ($9.85): Blackbarn Foods for the Home, 75 Ninth Avenue (15th Street), 212-620-3110, blackbarnshop.com.

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