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New York Today: An Unusually Warm Winter Festival


Good morning on this clear-skied Wednesday.

Here’s a riddle that some in the city are trying to solve: How do you stage a winter festival when winter is unseasonably warm?

Short answer: technology.

During the last few years, Winter Jam in Central Park has become a climatological crapshoot.

The event, which typically offers sledding, snowshoeing and ski lessons to around 15,000 New Yorkers, was called off in 2012 because there was not enough snow, and it was canceled again four years later — because of a blizzard. Last year, the festival, billed as New York City’s “ultimate snow day,” went on with no snow at all.

“We’ve learned to work with what we have,” said Anthony Sama, the director for special events for the city’s Parks Department. “That means moving forward with or without help from Mother Nature.”

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