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Milk Won’t Milk Tea Benefits


June 8, 2007 — Adding milk to black tea — as most Britons lean toward — doesn’t rob your glass of invigorating polyphenols, Scottish analysts discover.

Drinking black tea appears to lower a person’s hazard of heart malady and cancer. A few researchers have suggested that milk may respond with the polyphenol compounds in tea, subsequently lessening their energizing impacts.

That would be terrible news undoubtedly to inhabitants of the British Isles, who prefer a spot of drain with their “cuppa.” Can it genuinely be so? Janet A.M. Kyle and colleagues at the Rowett Inquire about Organized and the College of Aberdeen, Scotland, chosen to discover out.

Kyle and colleagues asked nine healthy volunteers to drink a refreshment on three different events. At one visit, they drank 10 ounces of black tea — the equivalent of two British teacups — with 3.4 ounces of low-fat milk. On the another visit, they drank the tea with included water. And on the third visit, they didn’t drink tea at all, but had fair milk and water.

At a few time focuses after drinking their tea (or drain water) the researchers measured the volunteers’ blood levels of different compounds from the tea.

They found that tea did indeed significantly increment blood levels of different antioxidant compounds — which the addition of drain did not lessen this impact.

Or, as Kyle and colleagues more legitimately put it, “Our results suggest that the formation of milk protein-polyphenol complexes does not compromise the antioxidant potential of the beverage.”

The findings show up in the June 13 issue of the American Chemical Society’s Diary of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

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