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Flu Shot Best Defense For Seniors


Sept. 2, 2003 — Modern inquire about shows that prevention — with a flu shot — may be key to keeping costs down for treating the flu in more seasoned adults.

Typically the first ponder that looks at which method gives the most blast for the buck when it comes to treating seniors with the flu. It points out that treating seniors with accessible anti-flu drugs is cost-effective, but giving the flu shot — to stop the virus some time recently it starts — does even more great. The discoveries are published in the September 2 issue of Records of Inner Medication.

The flu shot diminishes both the chances of contracting flu and the seriousness of the infection — hence diminishing hospitalizations and deaths from the flu.

In this ponder, analysts compared seniors who got flu shots with those who didn’t.

For high-risk patients over 65 who hadn’t received the flu shot, using a more current, anti-flu drug called Tamiflu without first testing for flu was the foremost cost-effective treatment. For immunized or low-risk patients, fast testing taken after by treatment with Tamiflu for patients who tried positive for the flu virus was most cost-effective.

Researchers say, in any case, that older, less expensive, anti-flu drugs, which only battle flu A (and not B) are great alternatives in case a persistent can’t manage more expensive, more up to date drugs. Costs for new drugs can range from $48 to $60 for five days of treatment, the consider shows.

Prevention Best Option

Analysts found that — as in younger individuals — anti-flu drugs are cost-effective for treating older flu patients but say prevention is still the finest choice.

“The most excellent exhortation for more seasoned grown-ups is to induce a flu shot each year because inoculation decreases the probability of getting the flu and diminishes the severity of the sickness,” says Michael Rothberg, MD, MPH, internist at Baystate Medical Center, Springfield, Mass.

Ordinarily, wellbeing professionals prescribe an annual flu shot for individuals most defenseless to sickness, counting:

Adults over 65 Children younger than 4 Individuals with lung or heart infections or heart failure People with therapeutic conditions that weaken their immune system

Most of the people who kick the bucket from the flu are more seasoned than 65, the think about reports.

“Specialists are regularly hesitant to endorse anti-flu drugs because they’re costly and won’t work in case the patient features a infection other than influenza,” Roth says. “But for people over age 65, flu is so unsafe that treatment with antiviral drugs is exceptionally cost-effective, indeed when the specialist isn’t sure of the diagnosis,” he says.

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