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E. coli Outbreak From Romaine Lettuce Widens


May 12, 2010 — At least 30 individuals in four states have been sickened by a uncommon, virulent strain of E. coli in pre-shredded Romaine lettuce.

Twelve of the victims have been hospitalized, three with kidney failure. There have been no deaths to date. A few cases may have gone unreported because many labs do not test for the E. coli strain causing the episode. Michigan, Ohio, New York, and Tennessee have detailed cases.

The sullied Romaine lettuce was sold by restaurants and by grocery/deli serving of mixed greens bars and processed by Freshway Foods in Sidney, Ohio. An unopened pack of Freshway shredded Romaine lettuce was found to carry the E. coli with the same genetic fingerprints as E. coli confined from patients.

Freshway has reviewed all Romaine lettuce with a use-by date of May 12 or prior.

Freshway got the lettuce from a farm in Yuma, Ariz. Another lettuce merchant, Vaughan Nourishments, has too reviewed lettuce from the same cultivate. In any case, no illnesses have yet been traced to lettuce disseminated by Vaughan.

Lettuce harvested from other areas does not show up to be related with the outbreak, the FDA examination suggests.

The ailments happened between April 10 and April 26. Since of a slack time between the last detailed illness and testing, it’s possible new illnesses may still be occurring.

Individuals with E. coli disease more often than not get diarrhea and abdominal issues for two to eight days after eating a sullied nourishment. Most people recuperate within a week, but some cases are much more serious and final much longer.

A few individuals may create a shape of kidney disappointment called hemolytic uremic disorder or HUS. HUS tends to appear just as the the runs is getting superior. Side effects may include fever, abdominal torment, pale skin, fatigue, fractiousness, diminished pee yield, unexplained bruises or bleeding from the nose and mouth, and swelling of the face, hands, feet, or body.

Seek prompt restorative care if these indications appear after several days of diarrhea.

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