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Burger King Recalls Pokemon Balls


Dec. 28, 1999 (Atlanta) — Burger King is voluntarily recalling millions of plastic balls that contain the Pokemon toys included in its “Regular Kids” supper taking after the suffocation of a little child in Sonora, Calif.

The balls may pose a suffocation hazard to children under 3 a long time of age, agreeing to Burger Ruler spokesperson Kim Mill operator.

A 13-month-girl supposedly suffocated on Dec. 11 when one-half of a Pokemon ball was found covering her nose and mouth. According to the company, an 18-month-old Kansas girl too had half of the ball stuck to her face, but her father pulled it off some time recently she was hurt.

The balls are between 2-3/4″ and 3″ in distance across. They were conveyed in a assortment of colors counting hot pink and ruddy and white.

“Enormous Kids” dinners will continue to contain Pokemon toys in balls, but the “Normal Kids” dinners — which are intended for younger children — will not, Mill operator tells WebMD.

“It’s like all other toy within the house, on the off chance that you have an more seasoned child merely buy a toy for that’s reasonable for ages 6 and up, 8 and up, 10 and up … it’s the same kind of situation here,” says Mill operator. “What we’re saying is that we’ll incorporate them within the huge kids meals, but in case you have small kids in your house, discard the toys or keep a attentive eye. We’re just notifying parents that there’s a potential issue here.”

Buyers can bring both parts of the ball to a Burger Ruler restaurant for a free little arrange of fries, says Mill operator.

More than 25 million balls are included in the review, says another Burger Lord spokesman, Charles Nicholas.

Pokemon toys and balls contain no caution. Bundling describes them as “security tested and suggested for all ages of children.” The toy and container had met all U.S. Consumer Item Security Commission requirements and all international safety benchmarks, the company had said earlier.

Burger Ruler began an investigation when the suffocation death was to begin with reported, says Miller.

“When we heard about the second, with the 18-month-old where there was no damage, we took quick action and pulled the Pokie balls from the Standard Kids dinners,” Mill operator says.

All toys distributed by Burger Lord “are zero-age graded, meaning that they meet or exceed rules for newborns,” says Miller. “There was just nothing out there … no guidelines for balls. There are choking guidelines, and certainly all of our toys meet or exceed those, in the types of materials utilized. We’re exceptionally glad that we zero-age review our toys, that we use no metal parts or anything like that. But this was clearly nothing that was expected.”

“We’re taking it very seriously,” says Miller. “It’s a cautionary move.”

This was the primary time any toy in a Burger Lord child’s feast had been blamed for a death, the company says in its press release.

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