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New Bladder Cancer Test in the Works


June 15, 2007 — Researchers may have found a better approach to test urine for signs of bladder cancer.

A protein called A1BG seems to be more common within the urine of bladder cancer patients than in the pee of individuals without bladder cancer.

That’s agreeing to analysts from the University of Florida in Gainesville and the College of Michigan in Ann Arbor. They included the College of Florida’s Steve Goodison, PhD.

Bladder cancer is one of the world’s five most common cancers, concurring to Goodison’s team.

The American Cancer Society gauges that there will be more than 67,000 new cases of bladder cancer and about 13,750 deaths from bladder cancer in the U.S. this year.

Like numerous other cancers, bladder cancer is more treatable in its early stages. “When recognized early, the five-year survival rate is roughly 94%,” Goodison’s team composes.

Voided urine cytology is currently the method of choice for diagnosing bladder cancer without invasive tests. But that test isn’t always exact and it doesn’t convey quick comes about, note the analysts.

Bladder Cancer Ponder

Goodison and colleagues screened pee samples from five bladder cancer patients and five people without bladder cancer.

The researchers recognized 168 urine proteins. One of those proteins stood out.

That protein, called A1BG, was found in all of the bladder cancer patients’ tests. But it wasn’t found in the urine samples of members without bladder tumors.

The A1BG protein might make a great, quick urine test for bladder cancer and a possible target for bladder cancer treatment. But greater considers are needed to test that hypothesis, note Goodison and colleagues.

Their findings show up within the Diary of Proteome Investigate.

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