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Older Women With Strong Bones May Benefit From Mammograms


Dec. 7, 1999 (Washington) — Tests that decide the wellbeing of bones in more seasoned ladies may well be utilized to pinpoint which ladies ought to have normal mammograms once they reach age 65, and numerous who have a lower thickness don’t require screenings since they are at lower risk of breast cancer.

That’s concurring to a ponder within the Dec. 8 issue of the Diary of the American Therapeutic Affiliation by analysts at the College of California, San Francisco (UCSF and the Veterans Issues Clinic there. They say four thinks about have appeared that individuals with moo bone mineral thickness, which can deliver osteoporosis and bone breaks, too have a lower hazard of breast cancer. This may be the case since, whereas the need of the female hormone estrogen can lead to delicate bones, tall estrogen levels may have a part in causing breast cancer.

The lead author of the ponder, Karla Kerlikowske, MD, tells WebMD that this most up to date report is the primary to recommend a amendment of mammography rules for screening plans based on information of bone density estimations. Kerlikowske is an collaborator teacher of biostatistics and the study of disease transmission at UCSF. “I think the focus have to be be on ladies matured 50-69, where the advantage is as it were direct but at slightest there’s a advantage. The advantage [of mammography] is little for all people after age 70, and it is truly little after that,” she says.

Today’s rules call for all ladies matured 40 and over to have yearly mammograms. What numerous doctors say is astounding is that there’s no clear direction on what age to halt performing them.

This think about compared the life anticipation of ladies who proceed mammography screening after age 69 with those who don’t , based on bone mineral thickness estimations taken when they were 65. It too tended to the costs to society of mammograms and treatment of breast cancer, as well as women’s inclinations. “We found that proceeded screening mammography to age 79 is decently cost-effective as it were on the off chance that those with higher bone mineral thickness are screened,” the creators compose.

But in an meet with WebMD, Gary Whitman, MD, an right hand teacher of radiology at the College of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, says the consider is “curiously” and ought to incite encourage think about, but not a alter in suggested mammography screening plans.

“It presents a few curiously thoughts, but I don’t think it calls for checked changes in approaches or hones,” says Whitman, who surveyed the ponder for WebMD. “I think it needs advance consider. We ought to clarify what is the part of estrogen in breast cancer. And, as they point out within the think about, we still do not know the adequacy of mammography in more seasoned ladies. A sound, dynamic 79-year-old ought to be screened, and in case they are not [dynamic] … that’s a choice that should be made by the persistent and the specialist.”

In expansion to the screenings not being cost-effective, the consider questions the mental affect of mammograms on more seasoned ladies, and recommends doctors be more keen in their suggestions.

In spite of the fact that 85% to 92% of ladies who have an unusual result don’t have cancer, all ladies who have an unusual result have extra demonstrative methods, furthermore the stress and uneasiness of pondering on the off chance that they have cancer. Elderly ladies who are bothered by restorative tests, visits to doctors, and the discomfort of experiencing mammography, or who involvement critical uneasiness holding up for tests, and who are willing to acknowledge an awfully little incremental chance of passing from breast cancer, may reasonably decrease screening,” they include.

Kerlikowske says she does not know how frequently doctors arrange bone thickness tests but fights they are simple to come by at wellbeing fairs and sedate stores. “It’s an easier test to induce than a mammogram,” she says.

In spite of the fact that the think about was supported by two gifts from the National Cancer Founded, Kerlikowske says she does not know in case the discoveries will result in any formal government activity to reexamine the current mammography suggestions, which are broadly taken after by HMOs and other bunches.

Crucial Data: Current rules suggest that all ladies get yearly mammograms starting at age 40, but there’s no agreement on what age the screening ought to halt. A modern think about appears that ladies who have moo bone mineral thickness at age 65 are at moo hazard for breast cancer and may select to do without screening. Ladies with moo bone mineral thickness need the female hormone estrogen, which is known to have a part in causing breast cancer.